Susan bozic the dating speed dating in reno

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The fact that Carl is a lifeless mannequin could almost be overlooked.

As Bozic says, “Carl is the perfect man…He’s young, he’s tall, he’s fit, he’s successful, he’s romantic, he’s attentive. There’s nothing wrong with him except he’s fake, but she doesn’t quite see that because she’s blinded by her love.” Taking nearly two years to create, this series grows from Bozic’s previous black and white baroque-style images of luxuriously staged taxidermy.

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Bozic staged herself and her mannequin boyfriend in various scenarios including playing tennis, lunching at a sidewalk cafe lying together in front of the fire and getting into bed.The goal of The Gallery School is to create a meaningful learning experience for students.This is done through school and gallery visits and art activities related to the gallery's current exhibitions.Current issues of the art periodicals Artichoke, Border Crossings and C Magazine, along with a selection of recent exhibition catalogues can also be purchased.The Gallery School is a curriculum based art program developed by accredited teaching professionals.

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