Dating someone in law school

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I'm pretty sure there were some hookups, but I didn't really pay attention to the details.

So take my advice, find yourself a Law Student (shouldn’t be too difficult, I mean who else reads this rag?I didn't get too involved with the social scene (although I did go out sometimes with law school folks) since I was already engaged when I started law school, but I could have been way more involved if I'd wanted to. It might be easier in the short run, but if it goes bad, you have to deal with the fallout.To honor the month of love, I thought I’d offer a few perspectives on surviving law school with your relationship intact.But mostly, I was terrified of how law school would change my husband as a person, how it would change us as a couple. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to surviving law school, relationship intact, so please take my advice for what it’s worth, just one couple’s experience.If you or your loved one are a 0L, this might come as a surprise to you, but it shouldn’t shock anyone else: There is no lack of negativity about relationships in law school. So you might could imagine that my worst-case-scenario personality went into a tailspin after being told repeatedly that the chances of our marriage surviving law school were SLIM TO NONE, even by my husband’s law school, who hosted an orientation event for new law students and their spouses to combat the high rate of divorce among its students, what with the stress, different paths and alleged infidelity among section members. I write about the stupid stuff that I do to keep myself occupied. I feel prepared and ready to face the long nights while my husband does whatever it is 2Ls do (with lots of Hulu and blogging). And not everyone can or wants to get married, I simply blog about what I know.

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