Kim min hee dating

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I know most would say that the lead male was the most charismatic and handsome. His singing, dancing, complete range of emotions, his comedic flair all comprise what I feel him to be as one hell of a well rounded actor and be given every opportunity to grow even more as an actor. And whoah I can't believe that there's still a Korean at his 40's who looks young and handsome thus swiping away hearts of young generation! And it doesn't disappoint me for it fed me such infos in liking him more. :3 Kim Min Jong has very nice personality and he is good looking. I am sure he must be a good singer as he is a good actor. I love Kim Mon Jong Oppa very much, his character in Gentleman Dignity Serial drama make me disturb, I dream him every night, hope U mine, but cann't, Ok I hope my Husband to be like u.

The Windmill palm Grove is my favorite movie of his. The Rules is quite a very ordinary drama but I enjoyed it because of him. While all the actors showed different emotions, different dance moves, etc I feel Kim Min - Jong's was a cut above the rest.

Although criticised for her acting in the film, it gave her more local and international exposure than any of her other films. I first took note of Kim Min-Jong in A Gentleman's Dignity on Netflix and of all the actors I personally felt that his acting range was excellent. I first saw him as Choi Yoon in AGD and started to love him ^^ I'm a big fan, again ^^ Really excited for his new drama Secret Door ^^ I want to make friends with another fans, make friend withe on Twitter: yuki_soma7 and Instagram: yukisoma1909 Sometime we can have a nice talk! By the way, I'm a big fan of Song Seung Heon oppa too!He was good as Na Chul Joo in Secret Door, though his character did turn out a bit too reactionary for my liking, would have liked to see his character develop a proper bromance line with Lee Je-Hoon's. I can't remember the name of the show - but it was about a team of "washed-up" spies that still got sent out on missions. Oppa, you sure are legend but you dont seem to aged LOL envy you so much ! Needless to say I would Love you so much in "gentleman's dignity"... I like Song Il Guk but his hair in this movie is ridiculous. I was not very impressed with the actress who Plays the reporter in A Man called God.Hope to see him in more dramas in the future, he has a nice singing voice as well I'm starting to like him now since I am currently watching him on a kdrama "The Return of Iljimae" .. She wasn't attractive enough to have any man be interested in her.

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