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To get inside, attendees had to pass through multiple security checkpoints.Bags were thoroughly searched, and laptops and phones were forbidden. It was just six weeks after the September 11 attacks, which killed almost 3,000, and had devastated the city.The company recommends installing SP2 first as well, though that is not required.

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A: Though XP SP3 aggregates all of the previously-released XP fixes, Microsoft now says that you will need to install at least SP1 on XP before installing SP3.A few hours later, Times Square — the beating neon heart of New York — had been taken over.A ring of photographers, journalists, and Microsoft super-fans had surrounded the opulent Marriot Maquis theater, where Microsoft was running its launch event.We feel like the name reflects its purpose." At its most basic level, XP Professional is a business- and power-user oriented superset of Home Edition.Because this orientation, it includes features that wouldn't be appropriate, or would be too complex, for the typical home user.

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