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8 channels, all are on the same transponder, are currently not clearing and are blank on cardsharing systems.The channels affected are : Astra 2F 12148 H 27500 Fox Sky Atlantic Sky Living 1 TCM Sky sports 4 Sky sports news HQ Eurosport 1 Eurosport2 are currently showing “scrambled” messages when trying to access these channels on this one frequency on cardsharing systems.Select "Yes" when asked, "Are you sure you want to install this addon?" Press the "Exit" button on your remote and select "cam-config" on the menu that appears.Since IPTV is just video broadcasting, it is almost impossible to fight, unlike CCcam which was easily cut off two months ago.-We dont remember providers like Sky announcing such threads when users were using CCcam. As IPTV is nearly untouchable, they are trying to scare people by such threats.So it`s a good thing knowing that IPTV is not (at least) weak like CCcam.-A wise man once said: Run your IPTV safe, Run your IPTV always, such a wise man he is ;) We have made an acrticle on how you can run your IPTV and the whole internet connection safely, so just read the article on how to run IPTV over VPN.

Also there were some channels in our list which were not local.

Click the "FTP" tab, select "/var/etc" and highlight """ in the left-hand window.

Right-click the file and select "Edit." Replace this file with the one you just downloaded, close the editor and select "Yes" at the prompt.

Hi there, I'm having a big issue with streams on my android box, they are coming out all squished like its trying to display them on a mobile thats vertical kodi its self shows full screen and properly its just the streams that dont, i have tested the streams online and know they they are the correct ratio so i think it must be kodi but for the life of me i cannot change the ratio settings #EXTINF:0,1 1 #EXTINF:0,1 1 Internationa #EXTINF:0,2 2 #EXTINF:0,34 #EXTINF:0, Animal Planet #EXTINF:0, Animal Planet HD #EXTINF:0, ATR #EXTINF:0, Belarus 24 #EXTINF:0, Bigudi #EXTINF:0, Black Sea TV #EXTINF:0, BRIDGE TV #EXTINF:0, BRIDGE TV Classic #EXTINF:0, BRIDGE TV Dance #EXTINF:0, Channel 5 (Ukraina) #EXTINF:0, CTC-LOVE 0 #EXTINF:0, Discovery Channel #EXTINF:0, Discovery Scienc #EXTINF:0, Donbass #EXTINF:0, DTX #EXTINF:0, Eko…

TMBD identifiers are useful for when you want to use NFO files containing a mix of XML and URL ...

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