Daniel and farrah still dating

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reunion special on Monday, Farrah Abraham and her mom Debra Danielsen contradicted each other in their separate interviews with Dr. The "Farrah was supposed to have self-control and she voluntarily picked on [Paula] for her own amusement and for her own rating or whatever and I didn't like it all… I'm the type of person to mind my own business and focus on my own issues, but at that moment I felt really uncomfortable… On this week's episode, the cast — along with hosts Dr. V — deal with the aftermath of that vicious standoff.It follows the stories of pregnant teenage girls in high school dealing with the hardships of teenage pregnancy.

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When asked how her sex tape had affected her dating life she said, “It's made it interesting, I'll tell you that!

"In addition and most importantly, I felt it was a good time to give Farrah some direct and honest feedback on what I experienced during our time together."He continued, "Although I didn't see Farrah's initial reaction, I don't believe she was surprised.

She looked more upset than anything." In fact, he and Farrah haven't spoken since their televised breakup on the last season of ."I have not kept in contact with Farrah.

“You have fashion, you have style, you're a , I like what I'm seeing,” she told him after the big reveal.

The show opened with Farrah describing her tremulous love life.

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