Savings bond wizard not updating

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Savings Bond Wizard is a lightweight cross-platform utility designed to help you manage your savings and bond inventory.The user interface is clean and offers users the possibility to add a new bond to the list by configuring the dedicated parameters, namely date, series, denomination, deferred interest, serial number and issue date.All of that information is found on the face of the bond. If you’re the Donald Trump of savings bonds, or if you want to track the bond’s value over longer periods, you should download the government’s Savings Bond Wizard tool found at If you have a bond or two that you’d like to redeem, schedule it in advance. Keep an updated bond inventory and review it periodically just as you would any other part of your portfolio.The Savings Bond Wizard allows you to save the file and refresh it each month with the most updated values. Savings bonds are one of the best ways to lock in guaranteed interest – especially if you have some from ten or twenty years ago.This tool helps you quickly estimate the value, interest accumulated, yield, next interest payment date, and final payment date.All you’ll need is the issue type (E, EE, or I), face amount, and the month and year. Final Step Set a reminder to review your bonds again a few years down the line.

These bonds were purchased at half their face value.

Here are five basic things to know about savings bonds, and some resources to answer your questions and give you the current valuation of your bonds. Current rates: Currently issued Series EE bonds carry a fixed rate for the first 20 years of the 30-year life of the bond.

For the remaining 10 years, the government may issue a new fixed rate.

Over their original maturities, the bonds increase in value to become worth at least the face amount.

During the extended maturity period, the bond continues to earn interest according to the terms of the extension period.

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